2016 Tulsa Mini Maker Faire Stage Presentations

11am – 12pm

Location:  Main Stage, Central Park Hall
Presenter:  Jerry McCoy, University of Tulsa
Presentation Title:  Professor McCoy’s Wonderful World of Physics
Subject Description:  Join University of Tulsa Physics professor Jerry McCoy as he illustrates many physical phenomenon and explains the scientific principles behind them in this all-ages interactive show.
Duration:  1 Hour

1pm – 2pm

Location:  Main Stage, Central Park Hall
Presenter:  501st Legion
Presentation Title:  Star Wars Costuming & Prop Building, How To Get Involved
Subject Description:  Discover the fundamental materials, tools and techniques used in the creation of the wonderful costumes and props on-display from the local official Star Wars costuming clubs,  the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs and R2 Builders.
Duration: 1 Hour

3pm – 4pm

Location:  Main Stage, Central Park Hall
Presentation Title:  Science In Motion
Subject Description:  In Science in Motion students will learn all about motion – from gravity and physics, to sound and even heat! In this presentation we will cover Newton’s three laws of motion, what sound is and how it moves, how extreme temperatures affect the motion and states of objects and more!
Duration: 1 Hour

All Day Events

 10am – 5pm
Title:  FIRST Robotics Stronghold Competition
Location:  Southwest corner of Central Park Hall
Presenter:  FIRST Robotics
Description:  Watch custom made robots engineered by seven talented local high school FIRST robotics teams compete against each in a obstacle course designed to test the limits of their designs.  Talk to the teams themselves and learn about what it takes to design a multi-function remotely operated robot.
Duration:  All Day
Schedule:  Read the FIRST Robotics Stronghold Competition Schedule Here

10am – 5pm
Title:  RC Car & Drone Races
Location:  North end of Central Park Hall
Presenter:  Urban RC /  TamiyaUSA 
Description:  Experience high speed racing of RC cars and drones on a 4000 square foot race track.
Duration:  All Day

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