Call for Makers

Call For Makers 2016

Makers, Crafters, DIYers, Artists, Inventors, Tinkerers, Students, and more apply today!
    Applications from minors will not be accepted. Exhibits must be manned by at least one adult for the duration of the Tulsa Mini Maker Faire.
  • Enter "None" if not representing an organization.
  • Please estimate the total number of exhibitors in your booth in addition to the exhibitor listed above.
  • Exhibits will be listed using this title
  • Please describe the subject and contents of your exhibit. List any activities for visitors. List any other special needs for your exhibit space.
    Standard exhibit spaces will be 10 feet x 10 feet square. Larger exhibits will be accommodated as space permits. Exhibitors should estimate their MINIMUM booth space.
  • FOR OVERSIZED EXHIBITS ONLY. Please provide minimum estimate of non-standard exhibit booth dimensions to the nearest foot. Oversized exhibits will be accommodated as space permits.
    I understand all applications must be reviewed and accepted prior to exhibiting at the 2016 Tulsa Mini Maker Faire and that my application may be declined. Applicants will be notified of their status no later than August 1, 2016. Accepted applicants will be required to register online prior to the fair (instructions will be provided). Commercial exhibitors will be required to pay an additional exhibition fee.